Librarian Appreciation & Encourage"mints" Bigmack Classrooms

Projectmack was able to complete two of our April Bigmackchallenges with our 3rd grade friends at James Elementary School in Kansas City, MO. One of April's challenges was to celebrate National Librarian Appreciation Day! The students in Ms. Gann's class took the time to thank their librarian Mrs. Lewis by writing on a note card a personal message filled with kind words about things they are appreciate about her. The students also provided Mrs. Lewis with a jar of gummy worms to thank her for making them "Book Worms". In addition to the gift for Mrs. Lewis, the students also completed the bigmackchallenge of making an encouraging gift for somebody in their life. The students all picked somebody who they thought could use some encouraging and wrote them a nice card. They also included a handful of mints with the card to represent Encourage"mints". the students had a blast completing the challenges and truly saw how a little kindness can make a big impact in somebody's day.

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