National suicide awareness month is celebrated during the month of September. Projectmack understands how important mental healthy really is and wanted to dedicate a #Bigmackchallenge to spreading awareness about this issue. During September we challenged everyone to take the time and encourage someone in their life. We all go through struggles, ups, downs, trials and tribulations. The only thing that is guaranteed is the fact that life is going to get bumpy and when that happens it's important to know somebody is there for you.

With that being said we found four people who we thought could use a little bit of encouragement for various reasons. We gave them a jar of cookies to remind them they are "Tough Cookies" and a bag of mints because we all could use a little bit of "Encouragemint". We also included an uplifting note to remind them that they can get through anything life throws at them.

This gesture may have been small but just knowing somebody cared enough to think about you went a long way. It's important to look after the people you care about. Life can get hard at times. People may not always express they need a little help but that doesn't mean they don't. Take the time to show love, be there, and encourage one another. You can end up making a huge difference in their life.

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