Ice Cream Fun

Living with positive intention is all about living for the growth and wellbeing of your community! #Projectmack intends to grow the sense of community by engaging in it with selfless acts of kindness and not by seeking any kind of selfish financial profit. A random act of kindness can brighten someone’s entire life and #Projectmack realizes the special power a silly face or encouraging word can possess.

On a hot summer day in June, we thought, “Who wouldn’t want ice cream?” So off to the store we went! We left with 3 gallons of ice cream and a plethora of toppings. Yum! Then, we headed to Loose Park in Kansas City. We were so excited to serve the park-players, but it started pouring rain! The impromptu ice-cream social was postponed until later in the week, but when we went back to the park, it was empty. It was just too hot for playing, so we packed up and planned for going back the next day. Like they always say: “Third time is a charm!” The park was filled with children and their families! We ran out of ice cream because everyone loved it so much, so we went back to the store and got more!

Just about 7 gallons of ice cream sundaes were given out, free of charge. Everyone in the park had a smile from ear-to-ear on their faces that day. Many people were surprised that young adults would participate in random acts of kindness, so it made their treat even more special. Our hope is that one day, random acts of kindness will be the new norm in society. Growing communities everywhere, starting with just a smile and a scoop of a cold treat.

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