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So a big part of #projectmack is engaging with the community. Since a large portion of our #projectmack team are student athletes are UMKC we luckily are given a bunch of different opportunities to do just that. Being an athlete opens up so many different doors and gives us so many other avenues to influence others and touch lives. I know personally growing up other athletes were like celebrities in my eyes. They honestly were the coolest and I can remember wanting to be just like them. Now that I am older and in this position that I am, I know these kids are looking at me the same exact way. Living a #projectmack lifestyle comes from taking advantage of the position you are in and actually doing something with it. June 15th UMKC student athletes volunteered at the KC AllStar's event at the Sprint Center. This event was under the initiative called Turn the page which was launched by the mayor of Kansas City Sly James. Turn the page's goal is to increase the reading levels among 3rd graders across Kansas City. Especially during the summer when reading isn't a huge factor, they are trying to make sure kids are still opening books and what not.

The event was chaos with kids running everywhere but a lot of fun for them. There were about over 1,500 students from grades K-3rd. Not only did they have all the local professional teams represented in some way, from mascots, cheerleaders, players etc. but they also had the local fire department and police there showing the kids their squad cars and firetrucks. There were different stations the kids could go and play at. Obstacle course, soccer station, baseball batting, and a story time area. Our station was arts and crafts. So basically we just drew and colored with the kids and you can tell they really enjoyed it. At the end of the event they gave every single child a book to read and take home.

Participating in events like this is so important. These kids really do look up to us and we really are role models for them. It's so important to set an example and try to develop those relationships with them. That's what #projectmack is all about. Influencing others and leaving your mark on someone else life. It's about making a difference at the end of the day.

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